Mayorkas Dodges on Number of Migrants Expected Post-Title 42

Mayorkas Dodges on Number of Migrants Expected Post-Title 42

April 2, 2022

Friday on CNN’s The Lead, DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas dodged on how many people the agency expects to come to the border after Title 42 ends, but said that approximately 7,000 people are crossing the border a day, and over half are being expelled under Title 42.

Asked by host and propagandist Jake Tapper how many migrants Mayorkas is expecting at the border, the open-borders enthusiast ducked the question with a word salad worthy of Vice President Kamala Harris: “So, we — our responsibility is to plan, to prepare for different eventualities, for different possibilities, and then to execute according to the possibilities that are actually realized. And that is precisely what we are doing, and we’ve been doing for several months.”

Asked how many illegals (not Tapper’s term) are currently crossing the border, Mayorkas replied, “So, we are seeing approximately 7,000 individuals” per day.

He added, “And the disposition that we administer depends on the profile of the individual and how the law provides for them to be addressed. For example, we are expelling, under the Title 42 authority that we are now exercising, and we will continue to exercise until May 23, over 50% of them. The balance of them are placed into immigration enforcement proceedings, into removal proceedings, and they are then able to make a claim for relief as the law provides. If they prevail in their claim, then they have established a basis to remain here. If they do not, then they are removed.”

For all his attempt to sound as if he is managing his job fairly and according to law, Mayorkas and the Biden administration as a whole are doing all they can to flood the country with likely Democrat voters that will ensure a one-party, left-wing state forever.

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