Mayorkas: Border’s Not a Crisis, Weather Driving Migration

Mayorkas: Border’s Not a Crisis, Weather Driving Migration

March 8, 2023

In an interview Tuesday on CNN International’s Amanpour, Homeland Security Secretary and open-borders enthusiast Alejandro Mayorkas refused to say that the border situation is a crisis, arguing that “extreme weather events” are “triggering migration” and that other nations have migration issues too.

Mayorkas said, “You know, I speak often about the fact that homeland security is now converged with national security. We’re in an interconnected world. In the cyber realm, in cyberspace, borders are irrelevant. Foreign nation-states attack us through disinformation, by way of ransomware, and other means irrespective of borders. The challenge of extreme weather events, the gravity and frequency, not just here in the United States, but internationally and their consequences of triggering migration, the greatest level of migration that we’ve had in the hemisphere in decades and decades.”

Fact check: the tsunami of illegal immigration we’ve had across our southern border hasn’t been caused by bad weather, but by the Biden administration’s clear signal to the world that it has thrown open the border to welcome millions of migrants whom it’s counting on to vote Democrat.

Asked if he considered the border situation a crisis for the Biden administration, Mayorkas responded, “Christiane, the issues that we have are extraordinarily diverse. I spoke about extreme weather events. I spoke about cybersecurity. You and I have now exchanged about the threat of adverse nation-states that seek to infringe on our and other countries’ sovereignty. 20 years ago, when our department was created, it was the foreign terrorists. We now have the challenge of domestic violent extremists.”

No, we don’t, unless he’s talking about Black Lives Matter and Antifa. But he’s not. He’s talking about parents who speak up at school board meetings and pro-life protesters praying outside abortion clinics.

He continued: “When we speak about the border, we have to put it in context that this is not a challenge — and it is indeed a challenge — not a challenge exclusive to the United States. Chile just deployed its military to its border. Colombia has 2.5 million Venezuelans within its borders. Costa Rica’s population is increasingly Nicaraguan. We are seeing a movement of people throughout the hemisphere and, quite frankly, throughout the world, that is historic.”

Chile’s and Colombia’s border problems are irrelevant to the question, which was about America’s southern border. The answer is that for Biden and Mayorkas, the border situation is not a crisis but an opportunity.

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