Mayorkas to Concerned Citizens: ‘We Are a Nation of Immigrants’

Mayorkas to Concerned Citizens: ‘We Are a Nation of Immigrants’

May 10, 2023

Breitbart News reports that open-borders border chief Alejandro Mayorkas was asked Wednesday if a surging tsunami of economic migrants is good for Americans’ wages and rents, and he replied simply that we are a “nation of immigrants.”

Presenting to journalists his new plans to import more migrants into Americans’ workplaces and neighborhoods, Mayorkas proudly stated, “Our president has led the largest expansion of legal pathways ever.”

But Breitbart News asked about the fairness of the policies for ordinary Americans:How do Americans gain from the immigration paths you are opening, sir? No [journalists] ever asks, ‘Do Americans gain from all the immigrants who you bring in — [even though] wages get pushed down, rents get pushed up.’”

Mayorkas responded, “Sir, we are a nation of immigrants. And we are a nation of laws. Individuals who qualify for relief under our laws have a basis to remain in the United States. The contributions of immigrants to this country is quite clear.”

As Breitbart News later noted, the “’Nation of Immigrants’ claim refers to the Cold War lobbyist narrative that the United States is a homeland for migrants, not for Americans. The narrative was created by Democratic-linked advocacy groups and business interests, despite enduring Americans’ primary concerns for their fellow citizens.”

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