Mayor Adams: World’s Migrants Have a ‘Right’ to American Jobs

Mayor Adams: World’s Migrants Have a ‘Right’ to American Jobs

October 11, 2023

New York City Mayor Eric Adams (D) traveled to Latin America last week, declaring there that the world’s migrants have a “right” to jobs in the United States — regardless of the impact on working and middle class Americans struggling to re-enter the workforce.

During his trip to Mexico, Ecuador, and Colombia this past weekend pretending to seek a solution to the overwhelming flood of illegal aliens to his city, Adams complained that there is “no more room” for new illegal migrants.

At the same time, in Colombia, Adams suggested that the world’s migrants deserve a “right to work” in the U.S. regardless of the devastating impact mass immigration has on the job prospects and wages of Americans.

“When you look at Colombia they have really shown how to absorb individuals into their societies, and one of the most important ways to do it is to allow people to work,” Adams said. “Nothing is more humane and, nothing is more American than your right to work, and we believe that is a right we should extend.”

Translation: nothing is more Democrat than prioritizing the “right” of illegal aliens to take work from American citizens.

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