Mayor Adams to Cut Services for New Yorkers So Migrants Can Stay in Hotels Free

Mayor Adams to Cut Services for New Yorkers So Migrants Can Stay in Hotels Free

June 12, 2023

Breitbart News reports that New York City Mayor Eric Adams (D) is set to funnel billions in local taxpayer money to the powerful hotel industry, providing more than 140 hotels with multi-million contracts to house newly arrived border crossers and illegal aliens. As a result, the city is considering cutting public services like meals for senior citizens and library hours for New Yorkers.

Since the spring of last year, more than 74,000 border crossers and illegal aliens have arrived in New York City — most of which are being given free hotel rooms to stay, paid for by local taxpayers, under a plan imposed by Adams.

The hotel industry, hit hard by the coronavirus pandemic in 2020, is profiting millions, potentially billions, from the lucrative migrant hotel contracts. In many cases, records show that New Yorkers are being charged daily hotel rates that are well above the market rate.

As a result, Adams has suggested that New Yorkers will see their public services cut, Bloomberg reports:

The cost of housing migrants is so extraordinary — an estimated $4.3 billion between April of 2022 and July 2024 — that Mayor Adams says he must cut city services to afford it.

To manage those expenses, Adams says the city is planning to trim services such as library hours, meals for senior citizens, re-entry programming for Rikers Island prisoners, and free, full-day care for three-year-olds. Last month, Adams also sought to unwind the city’s right to shelter, which entitles the migrants to housing within 24 hours of their arrival.

Data provided by the comptroller’s office shows 37 hotels contracting directly with the city’s Department of Homeless Services are being paid daily rates ranging from $55 a day to $385 per day, sometimes far in excess of what the hotel rooms might otherwise rent for.

Other hotels across New York City are likewise raking in enormous rates to put migrants up in their rooms, paid for by taxpayers, a breakdown of the data shows:

The Holiday Inn Express in Brooklyn charging $311 a night
The Roosevelt Hotel in Midtown charging $200 a night
The Artel 535 boutique hotel in Brooklyn charging $143 a night
The Night Hotel in Times Square charging $230 a night

Overall, New Yorkers are paying $256 every day, on average, to provide free hotel rooms to each migrant family. This is vastly more than what the city pays, $136 to $188, to provide housing for homeless New Yorkers.

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