Maxine Waters Predicts Kamala Harris Will Be President One Day

Maxine Waters Predicts Kamala Harris Will Be President One Day

August 14, 2020

Thursday on Spectrum News 1’s Inside the Issues, Rep. Maxine Waters predicted Democrat vice-presidential pick Kamala Harris would become president after the American people get to know her as VP.

Asked why Harris’ own presidential bid failed, Waters said, “Even though she had run in the state of California, she was not really known. It takes an awful lot to get known nationally. This is a big country, a big, diverse country. So she stepped out on the national scene to run for president rather rapidly… Some people had witnessed that she was very competent member of the Senate who could question many of our witnesses in ways that would draw the kind of information that she is looking, but they still didn’t know her.”

Oh, we knew her. That’s precisely why her campaign floundered and she couldn’t even win her home state.

“I want to tell you, a lot of people are thinking ‘Well, not only is she competent and capable, and he picked the right person, but we love her ambition.’ So this may be the next president of the United States. So they will be ready for it because she would have shown who she is.”

“We love her ambition”? Who says that? No one. Kamala’s naked lust for power is the least likable thing about her utterly unlikable persona.

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