Maxine Waters ‘Ain’t Scared’ of Bombs

Maxine Waters ‘Ain’t Scared’ of Bombs

October 25, 2018

Democrat Rep. Maxine Waters said in a recent interview that she “ain’t scared” after being targeted by two packages allegedly containing pipe bombs.

“We have to keep to doing what we’re doing in order to make this country right; that’s what I intend to do, and as the young people say, ‘I ain’t scared,’” Waters told Blavity.

She also called on President Trump to “take responsibility for the kind of violence that we are seeing for the first time in different ways,” after suspected explosive devices were sent to multiple prominent Democrats. “I don’t know whether the bombs are real or not, but we should not crawl under the bed, close the doors, not go out, be afraid to go to rallies,” Water said.

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