Maxine: ‘I Believe’ Republican Lawmakers Were Working with Capitol Rioters

Maxine: ‘I Believe’ Republican Lawmakers Were Working with Capitol Rioters

June 25, 2021

Wednesday on MSNBC’s The ReidOut, unhinged demagogue Rep. Maxine Waters claimed — without evidence, as usual — that she believed Republican members of Congress were giving tours the day before to people involved in the January 6 Capitol Hill “insurrection.”

“For Republicans to resist a commission speaks to whether or not they are interested in really having the facts come out about the insurrection and what took place,” Waters blathered. “Who was involved in it, who supported the transportation for so many of those people to come by airplane, by bus, what have you. I know that there have been some reports that talked about those who signed up for the permit as being the same people who worked in the president’s campaign.”

Asked if “Republican members of Congress who may have given tours or in any way helped and aided in this insurrection should be subpoenaed,” Waters replied, “Yes, I do believe that. I do believe that, first of all, we have members of Congress, Republican members, who are aligned with and associated with QAnon, who know many of the Oath Keepers, and some of the Proud Boys. Not only do we have some that know them and have worked with them, I believe that there were tours that were given. I saw some of them the day before over in front of the Rayburn House office building at that time. At that time, I warned our Capitol police to watch out because strange characters were rooming around. I saw some inside the House Rayburn Building. So yes, I believe some members of the Republican Party know more than they are telling or want to tell.”

For the millionth time: there was no insurrection at the Capitol. But maybe Mad Max should be subpoenaed for inciting Black Lives Matter and Antifa violence by way of her numerous public calls for the harassment of Trump supporters.

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