Maxine: GOP, Fox News Can’t Make 1/6 Investigation Go Away

Maxine: GOP, Fox News Can’t Make 1/6 Investigation Go Away

June 29, 2021

Sunday on Fox 40’s Inside California Politics, unhinged demagogue Rep. Maxine Waters said that Republicans and Fox News would not stop the investigation into what Democrats falsely call the January 6 “insurrection” on Capitol Hill.

Asked if she is satisfied that the House Select Committee will provide the answers about “who is behind the attempt to stop the certification of Joe Biden as president,” Waters replied, “Well, here’s what I’m sure of. We can not do nothing. There was a great attempt by the Speaker [corrupt impeachment fanatic Nancy Pelosi] to get this commission. We worked very hard to identify and work with the Republicans on some of the concerns they claim, but they are not supporting it. They did not support it.”

Fact check. There was no insurrection on Capitol Hill. There was a pro-Trump demonstration protesting the blatantly fraudulent election victory of decrepit placeholder president Joe Biden.

Waters added, “If they think it’s just going to go away because they’re not supporting it and you have Fox News and some of the others who are trying to create other entities that somehow had something to do it, they’re accusing the FBI and on and on and on. We’re not going to buy any of that. We have to move forward.”

Fact check: Waters has no intention of getting to the truth behind the FBI- and Antifa-instigated breach of the Capitol. Her intent is to smear Trump supporters as domestic terrorists, and that is the only commission conclusion she and her party will accept.

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