Maxine: ‘Every Day Weve Seen This Nation Get More Racist’

Maxine: ‘Every Day Weve Seen This Nation Get More Racist’

May 3, 2021

Saturday on KTLA’s Inside California Politics, unhinged race hustler Rep. Maxine Waters said she believed America is getting more racist every day.

Regarding black Republican Sen. Tim Scott’s rebuttal to President Biden’s address to Congress last week, Waters said, “Well, you know I don’t know if he was counseled to say that or whether he really believes that.”

Fact check: Waters knows full well that Tim Scott spoke his own opinion and was not “counseled” to speak otherwise. But Democrats deeply resent blacks who go off the leftist plantation and speak their own mind, so she has to imply that he’s been coerced.

“If you really believe that, then he has missed not only the history of the country but what is going right now,” Waters rambled. “As we watched the invasion of the Capitol on January 6, those people following Trump say they were taking back their government, and they were willing to harm people. As a matter of not only were they willing to harm people but Capitol Police, who happened to be people of color African-American, they were calling them names of the N-word.”

Fact check: Trump supporters were not there to harm people, nor do they ever smear black police officers with the N-word. In fact, the blacks who get called that most often are black conservatives like Scott, who was subjected to a wave of vile verbal attacks from… wait for it… Democrats, for having the courage and patriotism to rebut Biden’s anti-American address.

“Every day we have seen this nation get more racist than anybody thought perhaps would be at this point in time,” Waters added.

Fact check: true. There is a rising tide of racism — leftist, anti-white racism. America is becoming more divided thanks to the race agitators and race hustlers of the left, like Maxine Waters.

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