Matthews: Working Class Feels ‘Discarded’ by Democrats

Matthews: Working Class Feels ‘Discarded’ by Democrats

June 17, 2019

Monday on MSNBC’s Morning Joe, Chris Matthews, host of the network’s Hardball, opined that President Trump won over the working class because they felt “discarded” by the Democrat Party.

Prior to a special event talking with voters in Dayton, Ohio, Matthews was asked how then-presidential candidate Donald Trump connected with working people to get their vote in 2016. Matthews replied that the “liberal elite” and Hollywood made that group feel “looked down on… Nobody wants to go to a party they haven’t been invited to,” he noted.

“A friend of mine once said… people don’t mind being used, but they mind being discarded,” Matthews added. “The Democrats have a lot of people who feel discarded by them.”

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