Matthews: VP Pence Should Be Investigated Too

Matthews: VP Pence Should Be Investigated Too

October 3, 2019

Wednesday on MSNBC’s Hardball, host Chris Matthews suggested that VP Mike Pence should be the “subject of an impeachment inquiry” in addition to Pres. Trump.

Referring to Trump’s Ukraine “scandal” being hyped by the Democrats, Matthews told his guest, “The vice president now according to reporting seems to be engaged in the same thing Trump was engaged in which is basically shaking down a foreign leader to get dirt on a political candidate, the candidate you’re supporting, Joe Biden. Shouldn’t he be the subject of an impeachment inquiry as well at this point?”

“He was working the same vein of opportunity the president himself was working, to leverage the need of that country for foreign military assistance, particularly weapons to use against tanks to get dirt on the candidate you support,” Matthews added.

Matthews is a propagandist, not a journalist, which is why he is promoting the lie that it was Trump, not Biden, who shook down the Ukrainian president.

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