Matthews: Trump ‘Heading Up Skyward’ in ‘Craziness’

Matthews: Trump ‘Heading Up Skyward’ in ‘Craziness’

August 23, 2019

Thursday on MSNBC’s Hardball, host Chris Matthews declared that President Trump is “heading up skyward in the craziness department.”

“He wants to fight with everybody, including the quiet, American-loving Danes,” Matthews said, referring to Trump’s interest in purchasing Greenland from its sovereign owner Denmark. “I think going to war with Denmark is still freaking news. I’m sorry. It still makes my list. This is like a Mel Brooks movie.”

“He wants to go to war over Greenland. If you wrote this description in Hollywood, nobody would buy it,” he added, hyperbolically. “If we were in a hospital and a good nurse or doctor we would have a chart with a very strong diagonal line heading up skyward in the craziness department.”

Matthews’ desperation to use the Greenland issue to paint Trump as mentally unfit is painfully obvious. In fact, acquiring Greenland as a U.S. territory would be a shrewd geopolitical strategy, especially considering China’s own interest in the island.

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