Matthews: Trump Enjoyed Watching Jan. 6 Capitol Chaos– ‘More Violent the Better’

Matthews: Trump Enjoyed Watching Jan. 6 Capitol Chaos– ‘More Violent the Better’

September 6, 2022

Tuesday on MSNBC’s Morning Joe, former mumbling Obama worshipper Chris “thrill up my leg” Matthews claimed that former President Trump enjoyed watching the January 6 Capitol riot.

Matthews said, “When I watched Trump this weekend, and I watched him talking about violent protesters, or just noisy protesters, he was saying, beat them up. That’s what we used to do, beat them up. That’s how we handle these people. He is talking about it right there in front of us. He’s talking in violent language. That’s how he is. He loves this stuff. The more violent, the better.”

He continued, “The demonstration against the Capitol, he watched it for two hours and enjoyed it. We saw what he did.”

We saw him watching and enjoying the Capitol chaos? What is the muddle-brained Matthews talking about? Trump specifically urged the protesters that day to be nonviolent. Where is Matthews’ evidence that Trump “loves this stuff”?

Matthews added, “I don’t know how he controls people’s minds. That’s the part that amazes me… I mean, it is astounding to watch this man manipulate his party. And there are a lot of MAGA Republicans out there. So many that the people in power are afraid to challenge them, to go against them. Violence seems to come with Trump. There’s no doubt about it.”

What violence? Where is the MAGA violence? There is none. Meanwhile Matthews and his lying ilk shrug off the leftwing rioting, murdering, and looting of Black Lives Matter and Antifa as “mostly peaceful.”

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