Matthews: Biden’s Leadership Brilliant at FDR, Eisenhower Level

Matthews: Biden’s Leadership Brilliant at FDR, Eisenhower Level

July 10, 2023

Monday on MSNBC’s Morning Joe, political commentator Chris Matthews said President Biden’s world leadership is “brilliant” at the level of former Presidents Dwight D. Eisenhower and Franklin D. Roosevelt.

Matthews said, “We’re doing a great job in world leadership, brilliant at level of FDR or Eisenhower. We are holding the world together.”

What planet does Matthews live on?

He continued, “We’re building NATO, as it was built to be when it was first formed to stop Russia, to stop Russia’s advancement into Western Europe. And look where we’ve stopped them, at the Ukraine. In Ukraine that’s where we stopped them and in the Balkans. It’s extraordinary what Blinken has done and Jake Sullivan has done, and what the president’s done. Altogether, they’re doing a great job.”

Matthews added, “But here at home, and you talked about that earlier this morning, this distinction where people cannot say what you said in your article for  The Atlantic, they can’t believe it. They can’t believe it. Which is everything is doing pretty well. We have inflation it’s continued but it’s going down. Everything is going swimmingly.”

It’s hard to know whether this nonsense stems from senility or sycophancy, but either way, Matthews is living in a propagandist’s fantasy world.

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