Markey: Trump Must Be Tried For ‘Incitement of an Insurrection’

Markey: Trump Must Be Tried For ‘Incitement of an Insurrection’

January 14, 2021

Wednesday on MSNBC’s All In, Sen. Ed Markey stated that President Trump must have a full trial in the Senate “for his incitement of an insurrection,” referring to last week’s chaos at the Capitol.

Commenting on the Democrat-dominated House of Representatives and their recent vote to impeach Trump, Markey said, “I was very proud of the way in which the House of Representatives conducted the debate and ultimately cast the correct historical vote to impeach Donald Trump. I think that it’s the only answer that can be given. History must have recorded that there was a second indelible impeachment scarlet letter that was attached to Donald Trump and to his presidency. I think that the excellent work which they did today sets up a trial of Donald Trump for his incitement of an insurrection.”

Fact check: there was no “insurrection,” and the President incited nothing, but facts are irrelevant to the left’s messaging.

“Clearly, last Wednesday we were within minutes, not ten minutes, five minutes, a couple of minutes of having this mob and many, as the evidence is unspooling, indicates that this could have been a plot, there could have been a well-organized effort.” “Could have been” — but it wasn’t.

“It could have resulted in a massacre, and we were just a couple of minutes from that situation unfolding, potentially,” Markey declared hyperbolically. No, there was no potential for a massacre.

“So we don’t have a choice,” Markey continued to blather. “We have to have a trial. And at the same time, we have to begin the work of confirming Joe Biden’s Cabinet officials, of putting his new, bold agenda for the country on the docket of the United States Senate, and we’ll have to manage the time to make sure we’re doing all of it, but accountability has to be a part of the agenda in the same way that the confirmation process and the substantive agenda of dealing with the COVID crisis, a $2,000 check for all Americans, ensuring that we begin the process of of rooting out the racial injustice which is built into every part of our American society. We have to do it all. We don’t have a choice.”

Yes, you do have a choice — a choice not to waste American taxpayers’ time and money on another vindictive, anti-Trump boondoggle.

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