Markey: ‘The Green New Deal is in the DNA’ of Reconciliation Bill

Markey: ‘The Green New Deal is in the DNA’ of Reconciliation Bill

August 12, 2021

Monday on MSNBC’s All In, radical leftist Sen. Ed Markey admitted that “the Green New Deal is in the DNA of this green budget” reconciliation bill and that “all of the things that are in” the bill, “we talked about in the Green New Deal.”

“Now, we have to go even further in the years ahead. We can’t stop here,” Markey urged, revealing his party’s obsession with economically ravaging the U.S. through the environmental boondoggle that is the Green New Deal. “And it includes increasing the fuel economy standards for the vehicles which we drive. It means that we have to have a big agreement in Glasgow that brings the whole world together, later on this year, with President Biden, finally having a piece of legislation which passes, so that the rest of the world sees that we’re serious, that we’re the leader and not the laggard.

“You cannot preach climate temperance from a barstool,” he continued. “You can’t be the worst polluter in history and, simultaneously, tell other countries to stop, unless you are doing so yourself.”

The worst polluter in the world is China, not the United States, and the Chinese communist regime has no intention of restricting itself in any way. It’s going to sit back and watch as the leftist Biden administration forces the U.S. to commit economic suicide.

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