Markey: ‘True History’ of Thanksgiving is ‘Atrocities’

Markey: ‘True History’ of Thanksgiving is ‘Atrocities’

November 28, 2020

On Twitter on Thursday, Sen. Ed Markey called for a recognition of “the true history of Thanksgiving” as “atrocities committed against Native Americans.”

While we celebrate all that we are grateful for today, we must also remember the true history of Thanksgiving and recognize the atrocities committed against Native Americans, as well as the widespread disease brought by European arrival which decimated the Native population,” Markey wrote. “In Massachusetts, on this 400th anniversary of the Mayflower’s arrival, we continue to stand with the Wampanoag people who first met the Pilgrims and celebrate their continued sovereignty and land rights.”

Massachusetts is the sovereign land of Wampanoag people, claimed the recently-reelected Markey. He called for a celebration of their “land rights” on Thanksgiving. Apparently he believes the state he represents is illegitimate.

The left has turned national celebrations and holidays into America-bashing guilt-fests because leftists are filled with a hatred for this country and our way of life.

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