Markey Calls for Eliminating Filibuster for Abortion Rights

Markey Calls for Eliminating Filibuster for Abortion Rights

July 1, 2022

Thursday on MSNBC’s Hallie Jackson Reports, Sen. Ed Markey (D-MA) urged the Senate to eliminate the filibuster and pass “abortion rights.”

Markey said, “It is unconscionable. The Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade, and now we are seeing the consequences ripple through our country. It was set in law for 50 years that families could take advantage of IVF technology in order to make reproductive decisions for themselves. Now that is called into question. That is a cloud over too many families in our country. That is absolutely unacceptable, which is why I think the Congress should take up the offer that Joe Biden has made to repeal the filibuster. Carve out of the filibuster an exception for abortion rights for families in our country, for women in our country so they can make decisions for themselves.”

Fact check: families and women already can make decisions for themselves, and repealing Roe v. Wade didn’t change that.

He added, “They should not have to worry that there is an attorney general from Oklahoma that might come into their lives and ruin all of the planning that they have made for their own families. I think that the president is right. I think it is time for us to carve out the exception for abortion. The filibuster has to be amended, or it has to be eliminated. Otherwise, we are just going to see, not just in this area, but gun rights, climate, and so many other areas just an evisceration of rights that Americans have come to depend upon.”

In other words, unless the filibuster is ended, the Left will be stymied on issues critical to their agenda, and anything or anyone that gets in the way of that agenda must be eliminated.

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