Maloney: ‘Be Prepared’ for Ballot Rejections, Election Violence

Maloney: ‘Be Prepared’ for Ballot Rejections, Election Violence

September 9, 2020

Tuesday on CNN’s OutFront, Rep. Carolyn Maloney stated that we “have to be prepared” for the possibility of election violence and ballots rejected for errors or fraud, and that those preparations begin with passing her bill on the Post Office.

Asked about the possibility that delays in election results “could end up with street violence” and ballots rejected due to error and fraud, Maloney replied, “Well, you have to be prepared for everything. So, you have to be prepared, and you can start by passing my bill that passed the House and the Senate that would fully fund the Post Office, so that they can perform their duty and it would also stop the harmful steps that Postmaster General DeJoy took to literally slow down the mail.

“So, you can — and a number of states have taken steps to reform or make their processes more clear. The best way is to vote as soon as you possibly can. If it’s going to be a mail-in ballot…vote early to make sure the Post Office has time to stamp it and process it and get it to the board of elections to be counted.”

The Democrats are focused on the Post Office because they are pushing voting-by-mail, in order to facilitate the voter fraud they need to beat Trump.

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