Major League Baseball Stands With Black Lives Matter

Major League Baseball Stands With Black Lives Matter

July 23, 2020

Major League Baseball has announced that it intends to stencil “Black Lives Matter” on the pitcher’s mound during opening week, beginning with the Washington Nationals and New York Yankees game on Thursday.

“The Nationals, in conjunction with Major League Baseball, stand with the Black Lives Matter movement and will utilize the platform and national stage of Opening Day to express support for the fight against systemic racism and injustice,” the team virtue-signaled in a statement.

The league reportedly told players that they have permission to put social justice slogans on their jerseys in place of their names. One Twitterer noted that “According to sources, MLB and teams are offering players a choice of social messaging on their jerseys for opening day. One league patch says ‘United for Change.’ ‘BLM’ is another.

Check out the Black Lives Matter profile on Discover the Networks and see exactly what the BLM movement stands for. That is now what Major League Baseball stands for. Time to boycott professional sports.

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