Major Detroit Newspaper Endorses Dixon Over Whitmer

Major Detroit Newspaper Endorses Dixon Over Whitmer

October 21, 2022

The editorial board of the Detroit News, one of Michigan’s largest newspapers, announced its endorsement on Wednesday for the state gubernatorial race, of Republican Tudor Dixon over incumbent tyrant Gov. Gretchen Whitmer (D), whom the board criticized for having an “inclination toward authoritarianism,” which is putting it mildly.

Dixon, a conservative commentator and political outsider, is “informed, measured and focused on the right priorities,” the board stated, noting it was “reassured” following interviews with Dixon and her debate performance against Whitmer.

In its endorsement, the editorial board touched on the Dixon’s positions on election integrity, tax cuts, education, business regulations, abortion, and the state budget. Citing her fiscal conservatism, the editorial board also applauded Dixon’s ability to serve as a “good steward of Michigan’s finances” amid the state grappling with the nation’s crippling inflation rate.

The editorial board tore into Whitmer for abusing her powers as governor when COVID began surging in 2020:

Our issue is not that she took control of the state at that dark moment, but rather that she held onto unilateral authority well beyond the initial sorting out period and used it to bypass representative governing.

Whitmer issued a string of orders that were often arbitrary and capricious, and sometimes baffling  she allowed hardware stores to stay open, but roped off shelves of gardening supplies; Michiganians could go fishing in a canoe, but not in a motorboat, etc…

While she demanded unquestioning compliance with her orders, she often violated them herself.

The board ultimately deemed Dixon the “best choice” for the governor’s race, stating Dixon “would return Michigan to consensus governing.”

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