Maher To Vivek: You Could Go Far in GOP Primary if You ‘Decouple From Trump’

Maher To Vivek: You Could Go Far in GOP Primary if You ‘Decouple From Trump’

August 28, 2023

Progressive comedian Bill Maher showered GOP hopeful Vivek Ramaswamy with praise during Sunday’s installment of his Club Random podcast.

“It’s funny, you’re such a good talker and you’re such a likable guy. I think you really could go far,” Maher told Ramaswamy. “I must say you’re one of the few guys who I find both disarming and alarming.”

“Thank you, thank you Bill,” Ramaswamy grinned. “That is a compliment.”

“No, I mean it,” Maher responded. “Look, you’re attractive-looking. You’re young. First of all, here’s a big advantage you have. Biden and Trump, people hate this matchup, and they hate that these two geriatrics. You’re, like, the most not that.”

Maher jokingly added, “You’ve got color in your face. It’s not either orange or ghostly.”

“You have a great amount of energy at 38. You’re super smart, but I do see something that alarms me, truly,” Maher later said. “You don’t have the wisdom about certain issues.”

After Ramaswamy argued that he can best unify the country as president, the HBO host offered him “campaign advice,” which was to “soften” his support for Trump.

“You’re such a personable guy. You’re so smart and the energy is amazing, but unless you soften on Trump, at least half the country that knows that he’s an obnoxious criminal, they’re never going to accept you as the guy who can unite us. I can’t accept you as that,” Maher said. “You got to decouple from Donald Trump. That’s the path,” he added later. “You are going to go a lot further.”

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