Maher on Cuomo: ‘I Believe These Women Completely’

Maher on Cuomo: ‘I Believe These Women Completely’

March 8, 2021

Friday on HBO’s Real Time, host Bill Maher said of the women who have accused lethally incompetent New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo of sexual harassment that he believes them “completely. I don’t need to have it investigated.”

“This is one where I do not need an investigation. I’ve always said on this show that it’s a case-by-case basis,” Maher stated. “Some people don’t like that. Because we went to a place in 2017, it was like, ‘always believe women.’ I said, no, women should always be taken seriously. And like, [former leftist Congressman] Al Franken? I’m sorry, but I believe Al, I don’t think he’s that guy.”

Maher added, “I believe these women [Cuomo’s accusers] completely. I don’t need to have it investigated. They are — I believe every word they say.”

He later added, “What I hate about the Cuomo thing, don’t lie. Don’t give me this bullshit about, I wasn’t making advances. Yes, you were.”

Maher is usually on the wrong side of every political issue, but even a broken clock gets the time right twice a day.

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