Maher: Many in GOP ‘Would Be Thrilled to Have No Black Seats’ on SCOTUS

Maher: Many in GOP ‘Would Be Thrilled to Have No Black Seats’ on SCOTUS

March 27, 2022

Friday on HBO’s Real Time, left-wing propagandist host Bill Maher commented on the Supreme Court nomination hearing of black Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson, smearing Republican leaders as closet racists by claiming falsely that many “would be thrilled to have no black seats” on the Supreme Court.

“We have the first black woman, let’s go back, for some of the people who don’t remember this also…we’ve only had two [blacks], Thurgood Marshall, 1967. When he died, it was George Bush… was president, and so, they accepted the idea that there was now a black seat on the court and that’s how we got Clarence Thomas,” Maher said.

“Now, I thought it was not exactly cricket to give the black seat to someone who didn’t represent the majority of black thinking in America. But here’s the difference: at least they accepted, George Bush did, the idea of at least one black seat on the court, right? I think today’s Republicans would not do that. I think they would be thrilled to have no black seats on the court… a lot of them.”

This is purely hateful, race-mongering demagoguery based on absolutely zero evidence. The real racist here is the purportedly Independent voter Maher, who believes there is something called “black thinking in America” and that a black Supreme Court judge, whose job is to adjudicate cases objectively and based on the law, should be making his decisions according to what Maher believes the “majority” of black Americans think.

Maher and his left-wing audience would lose their collectivist minds if a conservative commentator declared that white Supreme Court judges should base decisions on what the “majority” of white Americans think.

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