Maher: Biden Was ‘Very Shady’ on Classified Documents

Maher: Biden Was ‘Very Shady’ on Classified Documents

January 23, 2023

Friday on HBO’s Real Time, host Bill Maher said President Biden was “very shady” with his handling of classified documents and it is suspicious that the documents were found before the midterm election but their discovery wasn’t revealed for months. However, Maher defended Biden by claiming that the situation is “very different” from the classified document situation with former President Trump.

“Now look, was Biden shady with the documents? Absolutely,” Maher began. “The fact that they found them before the midterm elections and they didn’t talk about it, reveal it [for] two months. Okay, very shady. I call shady on both sides. Now, of course, it was very different. Trump, when he got caught with documents, he said, ‘I’m not going to turn them over.’ He didn’t cooperate. Biden cooperated. But the fact that Hunter Biden was in the house is all a conspiracy theorist needs to know. I don’t think Hunter Biden knew about the documents in the house. That’s not what he cared about.”

The left-leaning but independent-minded Maher, like a broken clock, is occasionally right. Not this time. The real difference between Biden’s situation and Trump’s is that the corrupt, partisan DoJ raided Trump’s house but allowed Biden’s lawyers to go through his documents first.

And it doesn’t take a conspiracy theorist to note the national security threat posed by corrupt drug addict Hunter living in the same house with these unsecured documents.

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