Maddow Praises Mueller’s Performance Before Congress

Maddow Praises Mueller’s Performance Before Congress

July 25, 2019

Wednesday, MSNBC host Rachel Maddow sought desperately to put a positive spin on former special counsel Robert Mueller’s testimony before Congress, which even many Democrats considered disastrous to their hope of impeaching President Trump.

After pointing out that Mueller raised the issue of criminal behavior without even being prompted by Chairman Schiff, Maddow said, “He acknowledged criminal conduct, and he put it on the president and his campaign. He volunteered another point in the hearing, that while the president couldn’t be indicted, that didn’t mean that others wouldn’t be indicted.

“And he, again, brought up unprompted the idea there’s ongoing investigations into some of these matters, including the Trump campaign and their interactions with the Russian cutouts and Russian government that were committing these acts,” she insisted.

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