Maddow on Trump’s Town Hall: He Looked Small, ‘Sweaty’

Maddow on Trump’s Town Hall: He Looked Small, ‘Sweaty’

October 16, 2020

On her MSNBC show after President Trump’s town hall on Thursday, Rachel Maddow gave Trump low marks for his presence, saying he looked small and “sweaty, and his voice didn’t sound strong.”

Her guest, former Barack Obama campaign manager David Plouffe, began by saying, “Today was a big, you know, perch for him, and I think he probably drove voters away to the extent there are any still open to him. It was a disaster. By the way, I thought he seemed small. I thought he seemed a little bit low energy to use a term he likes to use, almost defeated in a way.”

“Physically, I’m with you on that,” Maddow said. “I’m not much of a body language expert in part because I’m such a flailing octopus on TV. But I think of him as a person who likes to be sort of to pantomime physical dominance or whatever, and he got smaller and smaller and smaller physically, kind of curled up. He also looked sweaty, and his voice didn’t sound strong. I don’t think this is anything he wanted to project about himself.”

This is laughable. Maddow and Plouffe are desperately trying to diminish Trump and his performance for their audience. Looked small and sweaty? His voice wasn’t strong? This is not what America saw and heard, but MSNBC has to keep up the propaganda.

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