Maddow: If Trump Wins in 2024 We Won’t Have Another Election

Maddow: If Trump Wins in 2024 We Won’t Have Another Election

October 19, 2023

Wednesday on ABC’s The View, MSNBC propagandist Rachel Maddow fear-mongered that if former President Trump wins the presidency again, there will not be another election.

Maddow said, “If you listen to what Trump is saying, you don’t sort of regard him as a spectacle, but listen to what he’s saying, he’s basically portraying a future for America, if he is put back in the White House, in which we don’t have another election after that. Because ‘the elections are all rigged.’ That the democratic process can’t be trusted, that Congress should just work for him. The Justice Department should just work for him. That’s a strong man form of government.”

She continued, “He wants to put MSNBC on trial for treason so he can execute us.”

Fact check: no, he doesn’t. It’s MSNBC that wants to put Trump on trial for treason.

Maddow added, “You’ve had a lot of senators and governors and members of Congress who have gone to prison. It has happened. It doesn’t hurt us as a democracy, but people at the very top tend to bring a lot of political pressure to bear on the justice system to let them off.”

Maddow concluded, “So I worry about it, but I also feel like I want to know more about our history of this, so I understand better our capability for dealing with something that’s put this much stress on our system. Don’t put criminals in high office.”

Criminals like Joe Biden?

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