Maddow: ‘Combative’ Biden Tricked GOP into Agreeing with Him on Social Security

Maddow: ‘Combative’ Biden Tricked GOP into Agreeing with Him on Social Security

February 8, 2023

Tuesday on MSNBC’s coverage of the State of the Union Address, propagandist Rachel Maddow claimed comically that President Biden was combative and tricked Republicans into agreeing not to cut Social Security.

Maddow said, “We have heard rumors ahead of the State of the Union Address from President Joe Biden that this was a lengthy speech. We were settling in. This speech was long in word count, but it was delivered with a lot of energy and a lot of pace and a combativeness and liveliness that I am not sure that we have ever seen in this particular type of presidential address.”

Oh, for God’s sake. You have to hand it to Democrat propagandists for managing to find such inventive ways to put a positive spin on angry rants by the most physically and mentally decrepit, hateful, alleged president in history.

She added, “We had a number of instances in which it appeared to be, our sense was that there were members of Congress on the Republican side who were shouting at him, heckling, at least responding to him, rather than him shutting that down or ignoring that or have it be sort of a crisis moment, instead took those opportunities to have the argument, to challenge them back, to bring the pace even further, to the forefront.”

Bring the pace to the forefront? What does that mean? Now she’s just making stuff up.

“I think probably one of the most remarkable moments was halfway through, in discussing first the debt and the deficit, and they need to raise the debt ceiling, and then ultimately whether or not Social Security and Medicare will be threatened by the Republican Congress. He appeared to turn the heckling back on the Republicans and sort of trick them into agreeing with him publicly that they would not do that,” Maddow concluded.

Trick them into agreeing? He lied about the Republican position on Social Security and they called him out on it.

Again, you have to hand it to Maddow for finding a way to trick the ideologues in her tiny audience into believe that Biden did something clever.

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