Luntz Urges Biden to Pick Karen Bass as Running Mate

Luntz Urges Biden to Pick Karen Bass as Running Mate

July 30, 2020

At a Capitol Hill ceremony Monday for late Rep. John Lewis, pollster Frank Luntz was caught on video urging candidate Joe Biden to pick California Rep. Karen Bass for his vice presidential running mate.

In the video, Luntz approaches Biden as he spoke with DNC Chairman Tom Perez and told Biden Bass is “the best person” to pick as running mate. “She is so kind and she is so decent,” Luntz said. Biden then turned to Bass and seemed to relay Luntz’s opinion, and the pair walked together to the House side of the Capitol.

Bass later appeared on MSNBC and was asked about being Biden’s running mate. She assured the host that Biden will pick “the best person,” saying “I am going to do everything I can to make sure that he gets elected, and once elected make sure that he’s a successful president.” She added that she hoped the country can “hang on” until Biden is sworn in.

Biden has indicated he wants a black woman as a running mate, but if the cognitively-challenged candidate officially becomes the Dem nominee (and that’s a big if), he still won’t beat Trump. America has seen in recent months who the Democrats really are.

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