Loyola Academics Urge Teaching of Divisive CRT in K-12 Schools

Loyola Academics Urge Teaching of Divisive CRT in K-12 Schools

December 28, 2021

In an essay published at the website of the School of Education at Loyola University Maryland, academics Benjamin Parker, Christine Mahady, and David Marcovitz argued that while there are many topics that should be kept at the collegiate level because they are too advanced or inappropriate for children, Critical Race Theory (CRT) is not among them.

“For too long K-12 schools have been overly deferential in their approach to teaching anything that could be perceived as sensitive, political, or controversial,” the authors wrote. “The result of this ‘neutral stance is a large population of students that have never engaged in thoughtful or critical discussions about the role that race plays in society and the intersections of identity, place, power, and opportunity. Those discussions should not be limited only to college-bound students. There are plenty of topics that are reserved for the collegiate level and have difficulty translating to K-12 schools because they are too specific, advanced, or inappropriate for children. However, CRT does not fit those criteria.”

“The recent political attacks on CRT are dangerous,” the Loyola faculty members continued, “and are predicated on the power of misinformation and misrepresentation.”

Dangerous. In fact, CRT itself is a dangerous political attack. It is a Marxist ideological weapon designed to subvert every pro-American value and institution in the country.

As for the passionate, legitimate concerns of many parents about this radical brainwashing of their children taking place in K-12 schools, the Loyola professors dismissed them as part of “a dangerous swell of divisiveness” that is “[f]anning the flames of a ‘culture war,’” and “pitting CRT against ‘American’ values, history, and exceptionalism.” That’s exactly what CRT is doing: waging a divisive culture war against American values and history. The parents are trying to preserve those values in the face of the racial indoctrination of CRT, which these subversive Loyola professors are committed to spreading.

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