Whoopi Claims Biden is Being ‘Punished’ Because He Won

Whoopi Claims Biden is Being ‘Punished’ Because He Won

July 26, 2023

Inane demagogue Whoopi Goldberg said Wednesday on the progressive gabfest The View that Republicans were only going after President Biden because they wanted to “punish” him for winning the 2020 presidential election.

“What bribery scheme?” Whoopi began ranting. “What? I’m sorry, I — it’s always — it’s so different every day, I mean, you know, they’re either freaking out about ‘Barbie,’ or they’re upset about — you know — Budweiser beer, and it just … Bud Light, okay, that’s right, you don’t want the wrong thing to get out.”

“What is really happening here?” she asked, vaguely referencing the multiple whistleblowers — and now Hunter Biden associate Devon Archer — who had alleged that President Joe Biden was deeply involved in his son’s foreign business dealings and influence peddling.

“How much punishment does Biden need cause he won and they lost?” she wondered.

One might ask the same thing of the Democrats, who spent years desperately trying to destroy Donald Trump for winning in 2016 — an assault that continues to this day. In contrast with Trump, however, Biden is the head of a corrupt crime family which the co-witches of The View are determined to protect.

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