LOL: Reiner Calls Biden Best President in Almost 60 Years

LOL: Reiner Calls Biden Best President in Almost 60 Years

August 1, 2022

Friday on Twitter, filmmaker and Trump Derangement Syndrome sufferer Rob Reiner earned a wave of social media ridicule for declaring that Joe Biden is the best president in nearly 60 years. Yes, you read that right.

The result has been widespread ridicule, with the term “Meathead” trending on Twitter late Friday. (“Meathead” refers to the dim-witted character Reiner played on the sitcom ).

All in the Family’s “Meathead” acknowledged that Biden’s approval numbers are uniquely dismal for a President, and that just one in five Americans want Biden to run for reelection in 2024, but tweeted defiantly, “Screw politics. Screw poll numbers. Joe Biden has  a record of accomplishments in the first two years of his Presidency that has gone unmatched for almost 60 years” — in other words, since Lyndon Johnson.

Mockery swiftly ensued.

True,” responded one Twitter user. “[Biden] has record inflation, record gas prices, record number of illegal immigrants, record fentanyl deaths, 6000 drop in the Dow Jones, botched withdrawal in Afghanistan, and full blown dementia.

If he counts them as accomplishments, then he’s destroying the country on purpose,” wrote another.

Oh, it’s unmatched alright,” another tweeted. “Never before in our history has an administration failed on every policy. Immigration, national security, inflation, real wages, selling strategic reserve, fentanyl deaths, Afghanistan, recession. Failure after failure.

Here it is folks, the stupidest tweet of the week, coming in late Friday! Congratulations Meathead!” read another tweet.


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