LOL: Raskin Claims January 6 Hearings ‘Unifying’ Americans

LOL: Raskin Claims January 6 Hearings ‘Unifying’ Americans

June 28, 2022

Sunday on ABC’s This Week, House Select Committee member and obsessive Trump-hater Rep. Jamie Raskin (D-MD) claimed comically that the hearings over the so-called “insurrection” at the U.S. Capitol on January 6, 2021, are “unifying Republicans, Democrats, independents, libertarians” and “people across the spectrum.”

“People are busy, and so we know a lot of people, especially younger people, will learn about the hearings through snippets that go out on TV or online, and people now are able to process information in different ways,” Raskin explained. “It’s not like the Watergate hearings where everybody had to be watching at the same moment because of the relatively primitive state of technology then. People are going to be able to absorb this over time, and I’ve certainly met a lot of people who are saying, ‘I missed one of the hearings, but I’m going to watch it this weekend.’”

“[T]he reality is that I think these hearings are unifying Republicans, Democrats, independents, libertarians … people across the spectrum in a determination that American constitutional democracy has got to work the way we know it has to work, which is we can’t have election officials being corrupted to fix elections. We can’t have politicians who mobilize mobs to overturn our processes.”

That’s very true. We can’t have stolen elections and rabble-rousers mobilizing mobs to commit voter fraud. We can’t have violent activists intimidating judges and election officials from auditing election results.

The only way this Democrat show trial is unifying Americans across the political spectrum is in their shared indifference to it. People don’t care about January 6 – they care about record gas prices and surging inflation and supply chain breakdowns and food shortages, all of which were brought on by Raskin’s Party.

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