LOL: Pelosi Predicts Dems Keep Congress – ‘Take It to the Bank’

LOL: Pelosi Predicts Dems Keep Congress – ‘Take It to the Bank’

October 24, 2022

This weekend on MSNBC’s The Sunday Show, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) predicted that the Democrat Party would win majorities in the midterm elections.

Discussing aid to Ukraine, the host asked, “Let me get your reaction really quickly. Do you think that comment which was made by House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy about a blank check, is that a disqualifying comment for someone third in line to the presidency?”

Pelosi said, “Was I not clear? We are going to win this election.”

Capehart said, “No, I understand.”

Pelosi added, “”It may be. I mean, I don’t know if this is disqualifying, but it – people should take that into consideration if they care about democracy. Democracy is on the ballot, not just because of the support for Ukraine, but because of trying to nullify elections, voter suppression, overturning  elections because they don’t like the outcome.”

She added, “But again, democracy on a ballot, we want it to be strong. The planet on the ballot, we want it to be safe. Our values on the ballot, we want them to be respected, and we fully intend to win. Take it to the bank.”

Thanks to the Democrats, Americans are being drained of what they have in the bank. And that’s going to result in a devastating Democrat loss in the midterms.

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