LOL: O’Donnell Compares Fetterman to Churchill, FDR

LOL: O’Donnell Compares Fetterman to Churchill, FDR

October 28, 2022

Wednesday on MSNBC’s The Last Word, anchor Lawrence O’Donnell compared stroke survivor and Democrat Senate candidate John Fetterman (D-PA) to Franklin Delano Roosevelt and Winston Churchill, because hey, they too had health issues.

Referring to a book on Churchill’s health problems, O’Donnell said, “During all of those illnesses, including the stroke, Winston Churchill was serving as the now widely-regarded greatest British prime minister in history. A British prime minister who rallied his country to continue to fight Hitler when it seemed that all was lost. When he suffered an acute stroke, Prime Minister Churchill simply retreated to his country house for a few months. When he made his first public speeches after his stroke, Churchill worried that he wouldn’t be able to stay standing through the speeches, but he did. And no one, no one, except his doctors and family, and very close staff, knew that Churchill had a stroke.”

Two points: one, if no one but his doctors could tell Churchill had had an “acute” stroke, then it couldn’t have been “acute” enough to compromise his ability to lead; two, even someone who didn’t know Fetterman had a stroke could tell that he had indeed, had one. It was obvious from his opening line in a recent debate (for which he needed a teleprompter to understand the questions): “Good night, everyone.”

O’Donnell, clearly desperate to convince MSNBC’s two dozen loyal viewers that the pro-crime Fetterman’s obvious disability would be no hindrance to him becoming one of history’s most heroic world leaders, went on to describe how FDR too overcame ill health, including polio, to “brilliantly win World War II.” He added that a couple of current Democrat Senators suffered strokes this year and still came back to work.

Let’s get real — something a propagandist like O’Donnell doesn’t want you to do. Even without a stroke, Fetterman is no Churchill, not even a Churchill with an “acute” stroke no one noticed. Churchill was a patriot determined to make England great again and to lead it to victory against a great evil. Fetterman is a radical anti-American whose mission is to release as many murderous felons as possible to wreak untold misery among his constituents. With a stroke, Fetterman is even more of a threat to his community and his country.

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