LOL: Maddow Says ‘We Will Not Knowingly Broadcast Untruths’

LOL: Maddow Says ‘We Will Not Knowingly Broadcast Untruths’

April 5, 2023

During MSNBC’s coverage Tuesday of the indictment of Donald Trump, anchor Rachel Maddow said that they were not covering the remarks from the former president about his charges.

Maddow said, “Let me just say, just a moment of business here, then I will come to you. I need to tell you that right now the former president himself is making remark tonight from his home in Florida. As far as we can tell, and what we are prepared for here, is this is basically a campaign speech in which he is repeating his same lies and allegations against perceived enemies. It is just getting started so far he is just giving his normal list of grievances. We don’t consider that necessarily newsworthy, there is a cost to us as a news organization of knowingly broadcasting untrue things.”

You have to hand it to Maddow for delivering this positively hilarious claim with a straight face. But apart from the demonstrably untrue statement that MSNBC doesn’t knowingly broadcast untrue statements, that’s no reason not to report on what Trump says. If it truly were false, why wouldn’t MSNBC want to capitalize on that by reporting it and then calling him out for lying?

She continued, “So, our deal with you is that we will monitor these remarks. If he does say anything news worry, we will turn around and report on that right away. But for now, just know that it is happening and we are not taking it.”

Oh, please. MSNBC doesn’t want to report on Trump’s message for the same reason the Left didn’t want Trump to have a Twitter account: they are not neutral journalists but leftwing activists, and they don’t want Trump to have a voice in the public square because his popularity terrifies them.

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