Kerry Claims Climate Alarmism is ‘Not Political,’ ‘Not Ideological’

Kerry Claims Climate Alarmism is ‘Not Political,’ ‘Not Ideological’

November 14, 2023

In an interview with Singaporean television, U.S. climate czar John Kerry asserted this weekend that even if the Democrats lose the White House, “nobody can stop” the energy transition that is underway.

Asked if the 2024 elections could throw a wrench in current U.S. climate policy, Kerry replied, “Nobody can stop, I don’t believe any politician can stop what is happening now. This transition is much bigger than any one party in the country. People are moving because the science is telling us we have to move in this direction.”

Fact check: That’s not what the science is telling us; it’s what the Great Reset globalist power-mongers are pushing us toward.

“It’s not political; it’s not ideological,” he insisted hilariously. “It’s about the air people breathe. It’s about pollution going up into the air. About the impact of countries, of their farming, of their living conditions, of their children, of disease.”

“Those things should motivate everybody to be helping to make this transition happen,” he said.

The “transition” he’s talking about is the fundamental transformation of the world economy to enslave the entire planet for the benefit of elites like Kerry.

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