LOL: Buttigieg Says Biden’s Had ‘So Many Accomplishments’ It’s Hard to Talk About All of Them

LOL: Buttigieg Says Biden’s Had ‘So Many Accomplishments’ It’s Hard to Talk About All of Them

October 18, 2022

Sunday on ABC’s This Week, Transportation Secretary diversity hire Pete Buttigieg claimed comically that President Biden had so many accomplishments it was hard to talk about them all.

To the host’s suggestion that President Biden should be speaking more about his accomplishments from last year, the hopelessly incompetent Buttigieg said, “Well, we are proud of those accomplishments. You know, the things that those accomplishments have done, first of all, contributing to historic job creation under this president, 10 million plus jobs, that’s never happened in this time period in a presidency before in American history. Remember, we have our challenges right now, but when the president took office, we were facing an economy that was at risk of going into free fall. The American Rescue Plan stopped that, and it went directly into easing the burden for Americans with those tax benefits that Americans got, and it went into projects that are improving communities all around the United States. Back in my hometown saw infrastructure projects that they’re doing there with some of that money. ”

He added, “I think we run the risk because there have been so many accomplishments, right, the Chips Act and Pact Act and the infrastructure bill, the Inflation Reduction Act, on top of that American Rescue Plan, you know, in some ways having achieved so much legislatively makes it hard to talk about all at once because there are so many accomplishments.”

Anyone who isn’t a hardcore ideologue like Buttigieg can look at America and recognize that the Biden administration has wrought more havoc on this country than any past President, including the radical anti-American Barack Obama. The Biden administration doesn’t have accomplishments, only debacles.

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