LOL: Barack Stars in Netflix Docuseries About American Jobs

LOL: Barack Stars in Netflix Docuseries About American Jobs

April 27, 2023

Breitbart News reports that former president Barack Obama, who oversaw the decimation of hundreds of thousands of U.S. manufacturing jobs during his tenure, is starring in, narrating, and co-producing a Netflix docuseries titled Working which explores the changing nature of work for millions of Americans.

Breitbart reports on the irony of Barack talking about American jobs:

Under President Obama, the U.S. experienced a net loss of  200,000 manufacturing jobs, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

In one of his most notorious comments, Obama claimed then-presidential candidate Donald Trump wouldn’t be able to bring back those manufacturing jobs that were lost. “What magic wand do you have?” Obama said in 2016.

Another infamous moment occurred the same year during a town hall in Indiana, when Obama was asked a question by a man who was once employed by Carrier Corporation before the plant announced plans to move to Mexico. Obama replied by saying “some of those jobs of the past are just not going to come back.”

In addition to devastating the manufacturing sector, Obama facilitated the importing of cheap foreign labor to supplant Americans by handing out work permits to illegal aliens as well as college-educated foreigners.

Working, set to debut May 17, is the latest show to emerge from Netflix’s ongoing production deal with Barack and Michelle Obama.

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