LOL: Barack Says U.S. is ‘Better Off’ Since Biden Took Office

LOL: Barack Says U.S. is ‘Better Off’ Since Biden Took Office

September 7, 2022

At the White House on Wednesday for the unveiling of official portraits of Barack Obama and wife Michelle, the former President praised Joe Biden, claiming laughably that the country is better off since his doddering, divisive, destructive former VP took office.

“The country is better off than when you first took office,” Obama said, “and we should all be deeply grateful for that.”

Fact check: the country is not better off. The country is falling off a cliff.

“Joe, it is America’s good fortune to have you as president,” Barack continued to blather. “You guided us through some perilous times, you built on and beyond the work we began together.”

Biden definitely has built on the subversive work he and Barack began together, and the country is suffering for it. An August poll showed that 74% of Americans feel the country is on the wrong track.

Biden in turn praised Obama, stating, “There are few people I have known with more integrity, decency, and moral courage than Barack Obama,” he said. “Mr. President, nothing could have prepared me better or more to become President of the United States than to be at your side for eight years.”

Yeah, thanks for that, Barack.

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