Liz Cheney: Biden, Obama, Rice Are Getting ‘Very, Very Nervous’

Liz Cheney: Biden, Obama, Rice Are Getting ‘Very, Very Nervous’

May 12, 2020

Tuesday on Fox & Friends, Republican Rep. Liz Cheney declared that “a whole bunch of people” including former President Barack Obama, former VP Joe Biden, and former national security adviser Susan Rice are all “acting as though they are very, very nervous” that the American people are “going to learn the truth” about their role in the FBI investigation of former Trump national security adviser Gen. Michael Flynn.

“When you write an email to yourself which looks like sort of, you know, a reminder — Note to self: make sure people don’t think that we’ve been abusing the law — and then you watch President Obama for the first time speaking out publicly within the last 48 hours or so and of course…Vice President Biden not even being able to keep his story straight within one minute of each other…” Cheney said.

“So, I think that there clearly were some very deeply troubling things that the…Obama administration was doing,” she added. “And, we absolutely have to get to the bottom of it.”

“The American people need to know the truth,” Cheney concluded. Indeed they do.

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