Linda Sarsour: Rittenhouse Should Not Have Had a Gun

Linda Sarsour: Rittenhouse Should Not Have Had a Gun

November 24, 2021

In a live Instagram conversation called an “Interfaith Response To White Supremacy,” radical and antisemitic activist Linda Sarsour declared that she did not “want to have” a conversation about Kyle Rittenhouse’s acquittal because he should not have possessed a gun in the first place.

“I also don’t believe a 17-year-old boy has the maturity and is even legal to be carrying an assault weapon — a semi-automatic assault weapon. And that’s something that’s important for people to understand in the particular situation,” Sarsour began. “So that no matter what people want to say, self-defense, not self-defense, I don’t want to have that conversation.”

Sarsour doesn’t want to have that conversation because the entire case was about self-defense, and she wants to make it about white supremacy and systemic racism.

“The question was, was it legal for Kyle Rittenhouse, as a minor, to even be carrying a semi-automatic weapon?” she continued.

The judge determined that it was.

“So my question was, why did a 17-year-old boy believe that he had to take matters into his own hands when the law enforcement [was there]?” she added.

The reason Rittenhouse and others felt the need to take matters into their own hands is because law enforcement was either overwhelmed by the number of rioters, or was told to stand down by Democrat leaders, both of which often happen during “mostly peaceful” Black Lives Matter riots. Rittenhouse did what every American citizen should have the right to do, which is defend a community under assault by a violent mob hell-bent on destroying it.

Sarsour is frustrated not only that he stood up to the rioters whose domestic terrorism she supports, but that he was acquitted of a trumped-up charges of the murders of two white, leftist radicals and career criminals who were trying to kill him.

“So if you’re going to defend Kyle Rittenhouse to carry a semiautomatic rifle, and you’re not going to defend Tamir Rice and you were silent on Tamir Rice, then you are a hypocrite,” Sarsour concluded irrationally, considering that the two cases have absolutely nothing in common. But Sarsour is a leftist demagogue, and facts and truth are obstacles to their hateful narratives.

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