Lightfoot, Buttigieg Team Up to Talk ‘Equitable’ Transportation

Lightfoot, Buttigieg Team Up to Talk ‘Equitable’ Transportation

June 22, 2022

Secretary of Transportation Pete Buttigieg told a group of Chicago politicians Saturday at the 56th annual International Convention of the Rainbow PUSH Coalition that he and Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot met to discuss how to achieve “fair and equitable” transportation.

“We think that if we invest in the places that have been disinvested in for years or decades, we are creating the opportunities that lead to safety,” stated the diversity hire Buttigieg.

“As we build up our infrastructure, we must do so in a smart way,” added Lightfoot, the mayor of a strictly-gun-controlled city plagued by rampant gun violence. “So that all residents can share in it…(and receive) all the opportunities that come with it.”

“Those communities desperately need the support that the Red Line will bring to them,” Lightfoot said.

Maybe what those communities need is Republican leadership and an administration more focused on creating prosperity for all than on the boogeyman of systemic racism in transportation.

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