Lieu: Defending Trump ‘Cultish, Un-American, Treasonous’

Lieu: Defending Trump ‘Cultish, Un-American, Treasonous’

August 30, 2022

Sunday on MSNBC’s Alex Witt Reports, viciously hateful Rep. Ted Lieu (D-CA) smeared “MAGA Republicans” defending former President Trump after the FBI raid of his Florida estate as being engaged in “cultish, un-American, treasonous behavior.”

Asked about former George W. Bush administration official John Yoo’s statement, “Why not declassify the documents they actually took from President Trump and show the public what they were?” Lieu replied, “John Yoo’s comments are insane. What he is saying is, he would want top secret documents and documents that are beyond top secret to appear on the front pages of the New York Times, on your show so that I can see them my dentist, my neighbor and the Russians and the Iranians, solely to protect Donald Trump. This is cultish, un-American, treasonous behavior. You cannot just declassify all these documents and put it into the public domain simply to prevent Donald Trump from prosecution. That is a very treasonous argument, any MAGA Republican making it should be ashamed of themselves.”

He added, “He knew that they were classified, and he intentionally took them. I also note that if the MAGA Republican argument is that these should be declassified, then they have got to ask themselves, why do we want to names and locations and against these of U.S. spies out there in Vanity Fair? That is an insane argument.”

So many statements here to debunk, so little time. Suffice it to say that Lieu’s argument that the documents contained national security secrets, that Trump stole them, and that “MAGA Republicans” want to dox our own spies is the one that’s “insane.” There is no truth to anything Lieu said — or that he has ever said. MSNBC is a leftist propaganda outlet and Lieu is a leftist smear merchant.

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