Lewandowski Mocks Sheila Jackson Lee’s ‘Rant’

Lewandowski Mocks Sheila Jackson Lee’s ‘Rant’

September 18, 2019

Former Trump campaign manager Corey Lewandowski mocked Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee’s line of questioning during his appearance before the House Judiciary Committee Tuesday, calling it “just a rant.”

After Jackson Lee spewed accusations at length without asking Lewandowski a question, he told her, “Congresswoman, I’d be delighted to answer your question or you could just have a conversation by yourself, but if you’d like to ask me a question, I’ll be happy to answer it.”

Jackson Lee continued until Chairman Jerry Nadler informed the room that her time had expired. “The witness may answer the question,” Nadler prompted Lewandowski, who noted, “I don’t believe there was a question, Congressman.” Jackson Lee insisted that there was, and when Lewandowski asked her to repeat it, she said, “I’d be happy to repeat the question.”

“It was just a rant,” Lewandowski accurately added.

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