Left Blasts NY Times For Headline Calling Protests ‘Chaos’

Left Blasts NY Times For Headline Calling Protests ‘Chaos’

June 2, 2020

Leftist critics slammed the New York Times for a banner headline on Tuesday’s front page suggesting that the violent “protests” in the wake of George Floyd’s death in police custody were “chaotic” and needed to stop.

The headline, which stated, “AS CHAOS SPREADS, TRUMP VOWS TO ‘END IT NOW’,” offended such leftist snowflakes as Julian Castro, who called it a “headline fail,” adding, “The President is acting like a budding dictator.” Former Obama White House staffers Dan Pfeiffer and Ben Rhodes added condemned it as “a terrible headline that doesn’t reflect what happened or what the paper’s reporters wrote.” Rhodes added, “they should just let Trump write their headlines.”

Democrat Sen. Brian Schatz complained that the headline implied some kind of unacceptable even-handedness: “The New York Times headline writers are going to Both Sides the country to death.”

No need to worry, Senator. The Times hasn’t exhibited any journalistic objectivity in nearly a century and isn’t likely to anytime soon.

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