Lee: ‘We Can Actually Write Legislation to Penalize’ Oil Companies For Price-Gouging

Lee: ‘We Can Actually Write Legislation to Penalize’ Oil Companies For Price-Gouging

February 28, 2022

Thursday on MSNBC’s The ReidOut, unhinged Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee (D-TX) told racist propagandist Joy Reid there were options for the federal government to prevent what Reid called “further price-gouging” by oil companies, which she suggested was really to blame for rising gas prices, not inflation.

“Well, we can do it together with the executive,” Lee said. “First of all, we already know that the price of oil per barrel is now upwards of $100. It probably will go up. The American people are going to feel the basic impact. But I think the president can use his bully pulpit. And, yes, we can actually write legislation to penalize those who would gouge. That has happened in times of hurricanes. It was happening in the pandemic if you realize it.”

The problem is not price gouging, but the Biden administration’s devastating economic policies — and Lee and Reid both know it. But they have a Narrative to create.

“And we did bring it to a swift close, if I might use that terminology,” Lee blathered. “And I will just say that that would be a dastardly thing to do. And we would stand with the president. I’d hope we would move legislation very, very quickly because, on top of the present inflation, it would be enormously burdensome to the American people. I do want the American people to know that if this war continues, there will be an impact even on basic goods and services. But we need to be able to protect them as well.”

That impact on basic goods and services is precisely the result of the Democrat war on capitalism. Dems have no intention of “protecting” the American people, because their agenda is the “fundamental transformation” of the economy into Big Government socialism.

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