Lee: Texas Women Are ‘Literally’ ‘Victims of Bounty Hunters’

Lee: Texas Women Are ‘Literally’ ‘Victims of Bounty Hunters’

December 2, 2021

Wednesday on MSNBC’s Andrea Mitchell Reports, unhinged race-monger Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee (D-TX) claimed that the Texas abortion law made Texas women “literally” no different from the “victims of bounty hunters” in the 1800s.

“It’s a health crisis that’s going on in Texas. It’s a travesty. It is a state full of sadness, and it has women fleeing…,” Jackson Lee ranted. “What’s happening now is those who have means, who are able economically, can flee, mostly to Oklahoma. can you believe it? That is not a liberal state. They’re fleeing to Oklahoma.

“But the actual crisis takes me back to the bounty hunters of slaves who were attempting to free themselves out of the bondage of slavery. We have now put 21st-century women, Texas women, college students, poor women, rape victims, incest victims, and we have made them the victims of bounty hunters,” Lee added hyperbolically.

She continued: “Senator Klobuchar and I have introduced the anti-vigilante bill that we want to push through right now. We want the Supreme Court to throw both laws out, but our vigilante bill makes those bounty hunters that would get $10,000 in Texas criminals subject to fines and incarceration. What is happening is that we’re literally living in the 1800s, and women, 21st-century women, are the victims of bounty hunters as well as the providers who they are going after. It’s a place of intimidation and fear.”

Speaking of intimidation and fear, infanticide-supporting Jackson Lee, like all Democrat leaders, rules through fear-mongering, lies, and faux compassion masking a ruthless political agenda. And the propagandists at MSNBC aid and abet that agenda.

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